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Our Brands

Trevor Bringans Ltd. imports hobby models & modelling materials from all around the globe, from the world's leading hobby manufacturers. The Brands we have chosen to represent embody excellence & reliability and we are proud to be associatecd with them which in-turn gives you, the hobby retailer or hobbiest, the confidence sell or to enjoy your hobby & the satisfation it rewards. Click on the catagory that best descibes your hobby to view the brands associated or alternatively view our online catalogue. A list & description of our suppliers is detailed here.

Tamiya revolutionised the art of plastic kitset building, focusing on a range of product to suit the demands of modellers worldwide.

We are proud to present this product to New Zealand and offer modellers the opportunity to choose from top quality kits in sports cars, motorbikes, aircraft, battleships, R/C, craft and educational, accessories, tools and paints. And spare parts are our speciality.

Futaba Radio Control systems are a fundamental requirement for you to enjoy your R/C fun. Whether it be cars, boats, planes, gliders or helicopters, Futaba has you covered. Plus all units are backed up by full spare parts and a special One Year Warranty.
O.S. Engines have a reputation as the best in the world. Made in Japan, they will give you the performance you need from your R/C plane, car or boat that you thought was only possible from life-size equipment. There is full spares back up for all engines, plus all engines purchased in New Zealand are covered by a One Year Warranty.
Revell manufacture a broad range of plastic kitsets to suit the needs of all modellers. From the American Muscle Cars to Starwars, to Ships, Boats, Trucks, Palnes & Military. Plus they great range of Gift Sets (paint & glue included) as well as Snap-Fit kits for the new comers to the hobby.
Italeri manufacture a broad range of plastic kitsets to suit the needs of all modellers. From the Napoleonic wars to the latest Scania truck, Italeri has them all.
When Jada's Street Low? 1:24 and 1:64-scale automotive collectibles hit the shelves, they were an immediate success. Sleek, extra low to the ground, Street Low's eye-popping detail blew the minds of true collectors. The series' quality and authenticity reflects the same design and manufacturing values they apply to all their products.
The Billing Boats range of classic sailing ships, schooners, tug boats and sports craft is made to suit the modelling skills of the beginner through to the advanced. Some vessels are Radio Controllable whilst others like the Bounty or the Blue Nose will sit majestically in any living room.
Nine Eagles are world leaders in the design and manufacture of remote control (R/C) models and toys. They are innovators in small aircraft and helicopters. And they first when it comes to quality & reliability.
Estes Flying Rockets have been supplying the world with model rocketry for over 50 years. Their kits range from ready to fly to those that provide many enjoyable hours of building fun. Industry leaders in their fields, Estes will continue to turn kids and adults on to flight with innovative new products that will go FASTER, FURTHER AND HIGHER
Over the years, "Aurora AFX" has kept at the leading edge of development of slot car racing, using teh latest technology available. The range now consists of over 75 highly detailed cars, and 18 different types of track, which enables up to 10 lanes of exciting racing
Flying Kiwis kits are a commemorative look at the aircraft and decals of our ever diminishing Royal New Zealand Airforce. The Skyhawk, Aermacchi, Iroquois, Hercules stand next to the wartime classics like the Dakota, Corsair, Mustang and Spitfire.
AIRSAIL represents a range of boxed balsa kits featuring speedboats (that go), rubber powered planes and sailing craft. Winter or summer they are fun to build and sail or fly.
Badger Airbrush has been a household brand in New Zealand for over 20 years. Badger revolutionised the art of painting and with it came an energy that all hobbyists (whether you be painting a plastic kitset to designing a mural on the side of your car) conspired to harness.
Proedge knives and blades are suitable for many uses ranging from balsa cutting, balsa stripping, whittling, carving, miniature saw work and hand screwing to suit all manner of projects ranging from jewellery work, school and craft projects, doll houses etc. etc.
Hotstuff CA comes to you Instant and Fresh every month. We specially airfreight direct from the USA this fantastic INSTANT cement to suit the rigorous demands of kiwi modellers.
Acoms radios complement the range from Futaba with their 2 Channel stick and 2 Channel wheel radios, plus their very good AT motor controls.
The Great Planes Radio Control collection boasts the worlds best in R/C planes and accessories. Made in the USA to exacting standards, whether the kit be ARF (Almost Ready to Fly) or in full kit form, all instructions are in easy to follow English that make from the box to the flying field a simple and exciting transition.
Topflite follow in the same tradition as Great Planes but different in that the range is of BIG aircraft. Monokote covering and tools for assembly add to the line-up, making sure of your perfect building experience in all aspects of R/C flying.
Hobbico flight accessories aid all levels of flyer and complement both the Great Planes and TopFlite range.
Du-Bro is essentially the Number One accessory for model flyers. Whether it be a nylon hinge, a clevis, lead weights, a tail wheel, a fuel pump, a kwik-klip, a spinner or any manner of aircraft parts the Du-Bro range is exhaustive and excellent value for money.
Oracover self-adhesive and iron-on coverings provide the R/C flyer with a range of coverings to suit their requirements.
Solarfilm coverings provide the flyer with a huge selection of covers from the light to the heavy to the tight to the textured. Whatever the aircraft there is more than enough cover to suit your needs.
Texson, Ty1 and CSP equipment ensures the flyer has at his fingertips the best possible selection of power panels, nicad chargers, glowhead starters and other accessories that allow him full enjoyment of his chosen hobby.
Sullivan flying accessories complement the Du-Bro range offering all flyers from the Pylon pilot to the ¼ scale champ everything they will need. Fuel tanks, lightweight wheels etc. etc.
Master Airscrew propellers are manufactured in the USA and lead the market in providing specific props for flyers needs. For example, the high density glass filled nylon props will out perform other plastics on water, sand and gravel runways. The Scimitar prop will deliver greater thrust at lower rpm and decibles. Whether you be a sport flyer, a 4-stroke flyer, a giant scale flyer or a fun flyer, there is a Master Airscrew to suit you.
Balsawood is used in many projects from R/C aircraft through to architectural designs. We cover the full range of sizes to suit your needs.
Plastruct combines versatility with function. Its use is far ranging and can be used specifically in professional architectural scale model projects where actual items like air conditioning ducts, water pipes, textured walls, windows, building structures etc. are essential to the success of the project. Or it can be used in other projects like scratch building plastic kits, detailing, conversions, model railroading, designwork, etc. etc. there are no limits to what you can do. Ground covers, foliage and even minute optic cables all feature in the Plastruct range. Ask for it by name.
Evergreen Styrene is great for those plastic component projects that require a versatile product at an excellent price. Huge range of styrene strips, tubes, plain sheets & patterned sheets.
K & S Metals are another product useful in hobby projects. Also, often used in engineering workshops as the product is manufactured to extremely small dimension for fiddly jobs. K & S is popular in New Zealand as many kiwis enjoy the challenge of using metals in their hobby work.
Midwest Wood products have created materials specifically for those who enjoy the hobby of wood craft. Walnut, basswood, cherry, spruce, balsa, lumber?all combine in a manner of shapes and sizes to suit the demands of those who make dolls houses, scratch build buildings, design miniature furniture, enjoy minimalistic pursuits, put together scale projects etc. etc.
Midwest Railroading features a range of cork products to suit the building of railways.
Midwest Steam also combines to produce a fully working Steam engine.